With a corporate philosophy that places high emphasis on quality control, CelltechPro offers the following services and solutions:

CelltechPro offers a full range of Network Optimization and Management with operational support and installation services focused on delivering effective, expert telecom implementation at any stage of a Telecom Project. Certified by leading, global vendors for installation and commissioning, CelltechPro’s professional engineering teams install a complete range of network elements including core platforms, RAN, antennas, transmission lines and more.

»Telecom Equipment Commissioning 
»Fast, Flexible Installation
»Complete Base Station Installation
»Switch Room & New Equipment Installation
»System Testing & Integration 
»Commissioning & Network Integration
»Next Generation Software/Hardware
»Drive/Walking and Benchmarking tests
»NMS, OSS, NNOC Development & Support 
»3G, GPRS, E911, DACC, LNP, VoIP, ATM Support

We also offer Network Planning & Design services and support for delivering maximum coverage using the latest cutting-edge tools including Planet, NetPlan, TEMS, Agilent DM and scanners for GSM, TDMA, CDMA 1-X, GPRS, UMTS, WiFi and WiMax.

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